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Learn Kitesurfing in beautiful Pranburi!

We pride ourselves on giving the best quality kitesurfing instruction in Thailand. That means we will get you up and kitesurfing safely quicker than any other school.

You pay by the hour for kitesurfing lessons so make sure your instructor is good. Be careful of inexperienced instructors! They will take longer to teach you (therefore more expensive) and could put you in danger.

We are based in Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi, 2.5hrs south of Bangkok. Our spot is the best for learning kitesurfing in Thailand and the may be the best for learning kitesurfing in Asia. Miles of empty beach, shallow water, good wind and warm water. Good conditions make it so much easier to learn!

We follow both the IKO and BKSA course structures.iko bksa


“This is a MUST do while visiting Thailand!”

Absolutely recommend that travelers to Thailand put Airstyler’s kitesurfing course on their travel itinerary! Colin Wilson and his crew in Pranburi have put together an activity driven kitesurfing course that is super fun (and not to mention, extremely safety conscious) for beginners, intermediate and advanced kitesurfers. Col’s patience and friendliness makes taking the course really enjoyable and those learning feel no pressure to be ‘pro’ or buy over the top expensive equipment (unlike many other Kite Shops in Thailand that really push the sales-pitch).
“Relaxed environment”

Being a family with extremely young children (2 and 4), whom themselves are world travellers we felt that the location and staff were exactly what we wanted. There are other kiters that have kids and while you are out on the water there is no shortage of other kids to play with for your kids. The environment is laid back and everyone is out to help each other whether it be kiteboarding or watching out for one another’s children even if they do not have any themselves. Their is a mix of people with families, couples, and singles but nobody is left or singled out. When the sun goes down then the real party begins or just a nice quiet conversation around the camp fire singing along to the guitar can be a great way to wind down for the day, until the wind comes again the next day!

WOW what can I say Pak Nam Pran is a beauitful, relaxed and peaceful part of Thailand. Its a great place to relax and watch the weekend pass by, but if you are up for action Airstylers is the place to go just located on the opposite side of the road from the beach. Colin and his crew are FAB from beginners (which was me and my 2 kids 8 and 11), moderate (my husband) to being able to do tricks with your kite Colin offers somethig for everyone. My kids Loved him and his crew, as the kids were young to be learning i was looking for someone who was patient and extremely safety aware – and Colin offers all and that and much more. We never had any doubts with our kids kiting with Col and crew which was great. There is a whole community feel down there, so you end up spending days and nights with these guys which is alot of FUN.

Overall 3 / 3
The right people at the right place! Collin, the owner of the school, taught my younger son when he was 10. Collin was extremely patient, clear and warm, very professional and my son felt very confident at all time. Collin has the very rare faculty to be able to screen in the student and to adapt his teaching approach according to the personality (confidence,fear…) and to the physical abilities of his student. A lot of space on a beautiful uncrowded beach, good equpiment. I don’t go back to Mui Ne, Boracay or Hua Hin anymore. Pranburi is THE place and Airstylers is THE school.
Overall 3 / 3
Would definitely recommend this place. Decided to give kitesurfing a try last year and picked up that school based on friends recommendations. I learned with “Gum” a very enthusiastic and didactic thai instructor, and a very safety focused guy too. One year has now gone and I am still coming regularly there during the weekends to escape from Bangkok craziness.. I am not student anymore but both instructors still give me tips to improve my stance and tweak my kite setup. (I like this kind of after sale services .. ; )



Wind and Weather

When is the best time for kitesurfing in Pranburi?

There are 3 seasons for wind in Pranburi:
1 » November to mid January we get the North-Easterly Monsoon winds, cold powerful winds that start early. Great for wave riding, good for learning kitesurfing too. The water gets a bit cold – sometimes below 25deg. Brrr!!!
2 » Then February to June we get thermal winds building up as the land gets hotter. Like any true sea breeze it comes in around lunchtime and finishes after dusk. Beautiful kitesurfing winds!! Great for riding or for learning kitesurfing. It’s the picutre perfect time of year.
3 » And in July to September – rainy season – we get offshore winds, good for sailing our Dart 18 Catamaran, but not for learning kitesurfing.

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