25-30 knots in Pranburi this weekend!

It’s not often I say that here in Thailand!

But there’s a storm coming this way from the middle of the gulf of Thailand. It’s forecast to pass South of here, so hopefully we’ll get the wind but not too much rain. We’ll get some rain of course, it’s a storm, but probably on Monday or Tuesday. I’m stocking up on food and water and being prepared for the electricity to cut out. Just in case…

So the forecast wind is amazing, if you’re experienced enough. The waves will be big also, 2-3m. The moon is very full on Friday night, which will make the tide very high and the waves even bigger. It’ll be quite tricky conditions!! I expect a strong undercurrent and huge shore break. But as long as you can get out there, the waves will be manageable.

Unfortunately we’re cancelling lessons, it’s only for the very experienced this weekend. But we’ll be on the water 🙂

Keep it safe if you go on the water!!