An important day!

This is it! The best day of the season!

Why? Because there’s no wind!

Huh? What you talkin’ about Col?

Because the Southerlies are starting! And we all love the Southerlies. Steady winds, hot temperatures, big beaches. The best time of year to learn!
Since I have been here, over 8 years now, we have had one year when the wind switched in 2 days, and one year when the wind switched in 3 weeks. The other years were in between, but usually it takes around a week. This year it’s switching today. One day! Awesome! It’s taken it’s time, usually the Southerlies are well in by mid February, and this year we still had Northerlies last week. So that’s a bit strange, but not to worry, the Southerlies are here! Shall I say it again? The Southerlies are here! We’re all very excited about this 🙂