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2016 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is here!

6 10 2015

I rarely get excited about the latest shiniest gear – if it works it’s a good kite.

But I am quite excited about the 2016 prodigy!

it looks a very refined design – fast flying – fast turning – high depower.
but the best thing for me is the strengthening pattern in the cloth – a big cross to support LE to TE on an angle, and beautifully designed TE strengthening patches.


And a fantastic looking swivel quick release on the new bar. Looks strong, simple, everything in the right place. It’s the culmination of 3+ years of development.

We’ll have them in the shop by December – come and try!

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Lovely forecast for this weekend!

19 03 2015

Another perfect thermal day

It’s been starting around 10.30am recently, very smooth and nice around 12-1 (14kts or so), up to 18-20kts by 5, then gusty but still ok until 6.30. Nice!!

kitesurfing thailand

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Now that’s more like it! Come on wind!

12 02 2015

At last…

Looks like the regular Southerlies will start today – and hopefully this will set the pattern for the next 3 months. There could be some switching north in March, as strange weather comes through, but i hope not. We like the Southerlies!

kitesurfing thailand

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Good forecast bad forecast

4 12 2014

And then back to good forecast and then back to bad forecast

It drives us nuts!!

I look at 4/5 day trends – this one has been ‘trending’ for a while – maybe this is what we’ll get this weekend…


kitesurfing thailand

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Lookin good for the weekend!

6 11 2014

Nice strong northerlies on their way!

And then loads of rain on monday – get your umbrellas out :)

kitesurfing pranburi november

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“What a difference a day makes”

7 10 2014

“It’s heaven when you find romance on your menu….”
But not heaven when it rains like this all day! At least there’s wind – but where’s the sun!

The silver lining is bright though – October storms at the start of October means the season should start right on time in Novemeber, if not before. I like that!

kitesurfing pranburi october

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First day of the Northerlies!

1 10 2014

Good all day – 10-5 – better 4-5.

I don’t suppose that’s it now – I think it was just a random day that the forecast didn’t show at all. But there are stirrings of Northerlies! That’s a good thing…

kitesurfing pranburi october

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January 2014 wind conditions

1 02 2014

January roundup: 12-30kts 25 days this month

An amazing January! Usually I expect the wind to die around mid-January, but this year it just carried on and on! Some days were a bit ‘challenging’ for learning – up to 2m waves and one day 20 gusting 30kts. But I expect that in winter – students get a day off and instructors get to play!

We had a lovely meal for my birthday – Korean bbq. Very cheap very lovely food – and some champagne to go with it. Well it is my birthday!!

Here’s a link to our facebook page where there are more pictures: look at 2014 – January

kitesurfing thailand january 2014

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December 2013 wind conditions

1 01 2014

December roundup: 12-25kts 22 days this month

Lots of good days this December – wind starting around 10am often continuing until 4pm. Not many cloudy days and lots and lots of sun!

And father christmas brought us lots of wind for the Christmas week – thank you Santa!

Here’s a link to our facebook page where there are more pictures: look at 2013 – December

kitesurfing thailand december 2013

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Col stars in Thai TV drama!

7 11 2013

Well not exactly star – actually mostly you only see the back of my head – but i’m there! And J co-starred in the race – spot the big flysurfer!

The show is a primetime Thai TV drama watched by a lot of people, and the stars are very well known. A few of Na’s friends called her and said ‘I saw your husband on TV!!’ Proud moments for Na, and of course very proud for me.

The plotline basically is the stars are at the beach for the weekend and 2 of the main stars learn kitesurfing and have a race together. Unfortunately the wind didn’t appear until right at the end, when only J and I could get out to race. So i couldn’t teach them, but we had great fun ‘acting’ kitesurfing. Notice in the real show the determination on their faces in the close-ups, and the complete lack of hair movement. Anything’s possible in a movie!

There’s a regular show following the stars, and the making of the drama. Skip to 10:20 to see the kitesurfing section. Spot Na in there too!

The main drama aired a few weeks after that – here’s our starring episode! Skip to 04:08 to see the back of my head again, and of course a Col-style double thumbs up, and the real race starts at 05:38.

Thanks to J for waiting around for ages to race with me, thanks to Na for being the translator as usual, and thanks to Tuey for being – well Tuey.

Kitesurfing on Thailand TV ShowKitesurf Thailand TV Drama

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