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Rainy season slim chance wind update

8 06 2016

aka: lessons in thermals….
Looks like we may have kitesurfing wind for a little longer. it’s a pure thermal, so it doesn’t show up on the forecast at all. well it shows up in the direction, but not the windspeed numbers. i look at the direction arrows more than the numbers. actually a little bit of offshore wind high up (1km or so) will assist the thermal in forming, as it helps the return of hot air offshore so it can sink and come back inshore. too much gradient wind doesn’t help, it just all comes down to earth and we get offshore or no wind here. it’s a delicate balance so it’s very very difficult to predict. but the last few days we’ve had 10-14kts for a couple of hours, and no rain, so hopefully we’ll get a few more days of it.
fri/sat looks ok, sunday maybe, we’ll have to see. a lot can change in a couple of days…

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Another great weekend in March in Pranburi

10 03 2016

Ah we love the March thermals!
Lovely conditions for learning and practicing tricks.
Flat water, up to 18kts, lots and lots of sunshine. Nice!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.03.40 AM copy

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Perfect March thermals starting in Pranburi soon!

3 03 2016

The forecast looks great!
And for once I do believe it – it’s been generally rubbish at forecasting – but this looks very regular.
We like!!


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The southerly season is starting early!

14 01 2016

It’s been a bit mixed recently – some great days – some days at 5kts.

The forecast is not reliable at the moment either – maybe 30% accurate at best. Don’t rely on it too much – send me a mail and I’ll give you my Airstylers Guesscast 🙂

Forecast for the moment is – this weekend is looking good!

kitesurfing thailand january pranburi

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Wow! Looks like Christmas week is going to be a good week!

16 12 2015

15-20kts for the foreseeable future. We like!!!

There is a huge typhoon over the Philippines at the moment, so that may screw things up a bit, but it’s impossible to predict how it will move over the next week. maybe it will increase our wind? or maybe it will turn south and not come anywhere near us. maybe!! we’ll just keep an eye on it…


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15-20kts and sunny. Good kitesurfing in Pranburi right now!

27 11 2015
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Wind coming soon!

19 11 2015

Lovely wind for learning this weekend! And then a real blow for the real professionals coming pretty soon! If you know anyone who would like to learn, better to start now. If you want to jump, it’s coming!!


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Partnership with Aleenta Spa Resort

15 10 2015

Exiting news for this year – we are partnering with Aleenta Resort Pranburi to open up a small branch in their hotel here. We will teach Aleenta guests on the beach right in front of their room. What a great way to learn! Depending on the wind we can be at Frangipani wing or the main wing, or even a small downwinder from one to the other. Nice!

We’ll be putting together some package deals – accommodation and kitesurfing lessons. More details on that to follow. For the Southerlies we will be setting up a small spot on the grass next to Aleenta, imagine Aleenta cocktails sitting under a shady tree in between kitesurfing sessions. Pretty special!

We try to do our very best for our customers, to go beyond what they expect, and Aleenta do the same. It’s going to be a lovely partnership!


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Season’s here!

15 10 2015

We’ve had some lovely wind this past week. Not quite as strong as forecast, but the waves were not as big also. Looks like the wind is dropping again for a few days, then coming back in around the 24th/25th.
The season’s here!

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2016 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy is here!

6 10 2015

I rarely get excited about the latest shiniest gear – if it works it’s a good kite.

But I am quite excited about the 2016 prodigy!

it looks a very refined design – fast flying – fast turning – high depower.
but the best thing for me is the strengthening pattern in the cloth – a big cross to support LE to TE on an angle, and beautifully designed TE strengthening patches.


And a fantastic looking swivel quick release on the new bar. Looks strong, simple, everything in the right place. It’s the culmination of 3+ years of development.

We’ll have them in the shop by December – come and try!

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