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An important day!

18 02 2017

This is it! The best day of the season!

Why? Because there’s no wind!

Huh? What you talkin’ about Col?

Because the Southerlies are starting! And we all love the Southerlies. Steady winds, hot temperatures, big beaches. The best time of year to learn!
Since I have been here, overĀ 8 years now, we have had one year when the wind switched in 2 days, and one year when the wind switched in 3 weeks. The other years were in between, but usually it takes around a week. This year it’s switching today. One day! Awesome! It’s taken it’s time, usually the Southerlies are well in by mid February, and this year we still had Northerlies last week. So that’s a bit strange, but not to worry, the Southerlies are here! Shall I say it again? The Southerlies are here! We’re all very excited about this šŸ™‚


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wind for the weekend!

9 02 2017

looks like a nice bit of wind coming this weekend – 12-16kts from the north east. we should get 5 days of wind, although the 1st and 5th will be weak. but no complaints! the thermals haven’t started yet so any wind we get is good wind!

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A nice week of wind coming up

18 01 2017

Looks like the north wind is coming back nicely! After a brief period of uncertainty due to the storm that’s just passed over, it’s back to normal! Well as normal as normal ever is.

I’m expecting 12-20kts for the next week or maybe more. Should take us to the end of Jan, then it will all stop and hopefully the Southerlies will come in February!

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merry christmas!!

22 12 2016

well christmas is coming! but the wind…. hmmm maybe…. maybe not.

the forecast is very unreliable when there’s not much windspeed, so hopefully it’s wrong. i’m sure it will be light over the christmas weekend, but hopefully 8-12kts? 8kts is not so good, but 12 is fine. and there will be no waves! great conditions for learning, as long as there is enough wind.

and then a bit of a blow coming in from wednesday – new year should be typically windy and sunny. nice!!!

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Lovely wind this week!

13 12 2016

For december 14-20, and probably more after that.

lovely looking forecast!!! nice wind for the weekend 17/18th also – could be a good time to learn!

will it be windy at christmas? i think so! come on santa, i’ve been so good this year!! (maybe…)

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lovely wind november 29 – december 5 in pranburi

28 11 2016

looks like we have some niceĀ northerlies!! at last!!

the highest point for wind will probably be friday, although the weekend looks great too. if you like waves that is, and as i love to say…. ‘we love waves!!!!’

have a look at the tidal chart here, normal high tide is about 2.2m and it’s going over 2.6m sat/sun. that means big waves and lots of current! all fine if your kit is well taken care of, and you avoid the sandbanks.
awesome fun if you have a surfboard šŸ™‚


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nov 12-13 wind forecast

11 11 2016

looking ok for saturday! sunday, well we’ll see….

add a bit toĀ the windguru forecast – even the modified wind forecast. i guess we’ll have 12-15kts tomorrow, and sunshine.

i really hope i guess right!


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NE wind about to start!

24 10 2016

looks like some nice wind on its way – a perfect november start.

this weekend may be ok, or maybe not, but its worth trying. and next week – ooooh!!


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New products from Ocean Rodeo – introduced at Surf Expo 2016

16 09 2016

Ocean Rodeo News:

Stick Shift Control Bar & 4 other exciting new products at Surf Expo!

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift featuringĀ R3 Designs’ internal trim adjustment.

Fine tune your kiteā€™s trim using one easily reached and adjusted control knob. Small, quarter turn increments add power; bump or nudge to depower. Intuitive and easy to use by any size rider and ensures you have ā€˜hands onā€™ control when depowering the kite.

The unique, lightweight U shaped bar design ensures rapid flushing of all sand and debris while offering easy inspection and access to all moving parts for in-the-field repairs.

Our adjustable sliding stopper ball needs no special tools or set screws to hold in place and can be adjusted while on the water or riding. Stick Shift internal trim adjustment means no front line swivels, no rings, no cleats, no flopping trim line thatā€™s forever out of reach. It also means the front lines are clear for a safe and secure front line re-ride every time.


The Duke – Instant legendary status, again.

Now featuring a versatile, quad or thruster fin set-up.


The Jester – The Duke’s courtyard entertainer.

Lighter, smaller and more nimble than the Duke. The Jester is ideal for lighter riders or those looking for a true strapless freestyle board.


6th Gen RAZOR – Naughty or nice, you’re gonna get spanked.Ā 

Mega Loop the new Razor and you’ll feel it in your stomach. Miss the landing and you’ll feel it in your bones.

Built for riders who seek the edge. The result of 15 years of design prowess and fully tweaked to be the most heart stopping, ball breaking, hard riding kite we’ve ever made. Can’t resist the pull? #loopit.


The Roam – Down the line drifter.

Tight 3 strut design with large, lifting wing tips for down the line drift and quick pivoting turns.

Roam, for the dedicated wave rider.

(taken from kite forum – thank you kiteforum and user ‘madworld’)
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There’s a north wind coming!

16 09 2016

Season’s a changin!

Ok it’s not exactly a Kiting north wind, we only get an hour or so early morning, but it shows the seasons are changing. Maybe we’ll have an early start to the season! I hope so, oh I hope so…

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