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1 day

Introduction to Kitesurfing

This introduction course is designed to take you from knowing nothing about LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable) kites, to being able to control a proper kitesurfing kite while you are in the water. It looks easy, but it is not as easy as it looks! We take you through every step carefully and safely and make sure you have good control. But don’t worry, you will have fun straight away!

Price: 4,000 Baht

Private course: 2 hours, semi-private course 3 hours

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3 days

Full Beginners Course

Does it take long? What do I have to learn?

Well we could put a board on your feet and a kite in your hands and let you go straight out there. But most likely the kite would be in the water in about 10 seconds. Then what? You may never come back!

Our Full Beginners Course is 3 days, totaling either 7 or 10hrs. We aim to get you riding between 5 and 50 meters at the end of the course, depending on how well you learn. The most important thing is to learn safely! Don’t get hurt, and you will learn much quicker in the long run. But we can help you with that – we use radio helmets for every student, we only have experienced teachers and we only use the best quality equipment.

Private course: 12,000 Baht – 7hrs
Semi-private course: 11,000 Baht – 10hrs 

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1 day

Refresher Course

Have you done a course before? Remember some of it but would like a refresher?

Maybe you started the course but there was no wind on the last day. It’s very common! The quickest way to get up and riding again is our refresher course. You will learn much quicker as you have some previous knowledge of what is involved.
Course contents: Refresh previous lessons, kite setup and tuning, water relaunch of kite, upwind body dragging, board starts and continued runs on the board.
Refresher courses are usually 1 or 2 sessions. Take your time, and learn safely! You will learn more quickly in the long run.

Price: 4,000 Baht
Private course: 2 hours

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Renting equipment

When you have finished your course, it is time to practice! Renting is a good way to start. It is also a good way to try other kites, to see which type you like. Or if you are travelling around and just fancy a couple of days kiting, it is much easier to rent than to carry it all round Asia!

For our students, we know your level so we can recommend the right size kite/board easily. For new renters, we ask you take our ‘assisted rental’ for the first session. If nothing else, to get used to our kit and the spot. After that we know you can kite safely, so you can rent at the discounted rate.

Care of rental equipment is your responsibility – please treat it like it carefully! If something small breaks we do not charge you, but with major damage we ask for the cost of repair which is between 2000baht and 10000baht.

Assisted rental (with an assistant to help you set up and watch over you):
2hrs – 3000baht

1 day:
A- grade equipment – 3000baht
B- grade equipment – 2000baht

3 days:
A- grade equipment – 8000baht
B- grade equipment – 5000baht

Kite only – 2500/1800baht per day
Board only – 1000/700baht per day

Rent Equipment

Rod FP

Rod FP

I can not recommend Airstylers Kite School highly enough. From the first email to the last lesson dealing with Airstylers and Colin has been just easy. Colin and his team are incredibly welcoming and helpful. They all go well out of their way to assist with anything. From airport taxis, to edging up wind, to directions to the local night market. The teaching is relaxed professional and achieves results. I really enjoyed the lessons and the progress I made. Thank you Colin and team for making our holiday fantastic. The Thai people are renowned for their hospitality and you exemplified all those traits. Again thanks Visited April 2016

Anton T

Anton T

This is a MUST stop if you are a kite surfer or want to learn. Several reasons. First of all - instructors.The place is run by Colin. He takes teaching seriously in a very constructive way. Colin and his team managed to teach me very quickly. It took them 3 days (around 8hours) to put me on the board. and after 4 days I could kite and practice alone in the water. Previously I had 3 days of classed in Kenya and 2 days North Caroline USA, but I never manager to stand on the board. Also, Airstylers team is very nice, kind and helpful with any questions the tourist may have. Last but not least, we were invited twice for the dinner with other students. It was a good occasion to meet interesting people from different countries. I recommend to stop by Airstylers kite shop for lessons or rent or just a nice chat. Visited November 2016

Evan M

Evan M

Colin is an absolute legend, he was extremely helpful in organising travel from Bangkok and made sure everything went well. He also picked me up and dripped me off from my hotel. I had 2 different instructors while I was there, both were awesome and very helpful despite the not ideal kiting conditions. I don't think you could find a better school anywhere.

Craig R

Craig R

I have visited Pranburi/Pak Nam Pran on several occasions and will continue to do so in the future. Colin and his team are extremely friendly and offer the best tuition available in the area. Colin's rates for his rental equipment are very competitive and very reasonably priced. The friendship offered from Colin's staff is second to none. I highly recommend visiting Airstylers to learn how to kiteboard or rent equipment at very reasonable rates. Visited January 2017

Mel Baker

Mel Baker

Absolutely recommend that travelers to Thailand put Airstyler's Kite School kitesurfing course on their travel itinerary! Colin and his crew at Airstylers have put together an activity driven kitesurfing course that is super fun (and not to mention, extremely safety conscious)

Why Airstylers?

Thailand has amazing conditions for kitesurfing. In the southerly thermal season, our spot is the best for learning. We have lots of sunshine, miles of empty beach, good wind and shallow water. The best in Asia!

Pak Nam Pran, Pranburi is only 2.5hrs south of Bangkok. Pranburi is a special little town, off the usual tourist route. The hotels are small family run boutique hotels, and the owners will take great care of you. The local people are still farmers and fishermen, so the local seafood and vegetables are the freshest you can get!

We always uses radio helmets for teaching. It makes it much safer and you will learn in half the time. If you are working on board skills, there is almost no point in having lessons if you do not use radio helmets. We want to make it easy for you to learn.

We have IKO and BKSA instructors, you can receive the IKO level 1-3 qualification. In the school we have a big range of kites boards and harnesses to fit all students. On our courses we fit all our students in lycra clothing, it is essential to protect your skin. We teach on Ocean Rodeo kites – they were designed to be easy to fly and are the easiest kites to learn or progress on. Our boards were custom made for us, to get the best boards to learn on in Thailand.