Kombi Kite Tour 1

Finally we’re ready for our first tour. Essential equipment – kites, check – boards, check – van serviced, check – van lowered (very important), check…

The plan so far is:

  • Day1: Leave pranburi, head for Bang Saphan – couple of bays there that we may be able to kite at
  • Day2: head for Chumphon – relax, maybe kite if possible
  • Day3: Samui! maybe late, we’ll have to wait for the car ferry.
  • Day4-6: Samui kiting – probably the west coast for this season’s prevailing winds
  • Day7: head to Laem Son national park – arriving late
  • Day8-9: Laem Son kiting – there’s a flatwater spot and a waves spot. Bring it on!
  • Day10: back to pranburi

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