Kombi Kite Tours about to start!

Rainy season wind is very unpredictable in Thailand. We have a very long season here in Pranburi – November till June – but still July till September is a tricky time. There’s no way we’re going to stop Kitesurfing, so what will we do? Go on tour!! We can always find wind, but we may have to travel from one coast to the other, and go sightseeing on the way! So I’ve been planning a possible route what do you think of this?

  • Day 1: Pickup from Airport, 3hr drive to Pranburi, kite at secret spot near Samut Songkram, then continue to Pranburi
  • Day 2: kite in Pranburi
  • Day 3: leave 7am, head to Chumporn, kite in the afternoon
  • Day 4: leave 7am, head to Ranong, kite at secret spot near Ranong. stay in ranong the night
  • Day 5: leave 8am, head to secret spot on the way to Phuket, stay nearby for the night
  • Day 6: kite secret spot
  • Day 7: leave 7am, head to Phuket, kite in the afternoon. Big party tonight!!

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