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Full Beginners Kitesurfing Course

Does it take long? What do I have to learn?

Well we could put a board on your feet and a kite in your hands and let you go straight out there! But most likely the kite would be in the water in about 10 seconds. Then what? You may never come back!

  • A Full Beginners Course teaches you how to learn safely. You will get riding, and you will be able to asses the dangers on your own. That's not as easy as it sounds! But we have steps and techniques that will get you up and riding safely and quickly. Be careful of inexperienced instructors! They will take longer to teach you (therefore more expensive) and could put you in danger.

  • Our Full course is split into 2 or 3 sessions - 3hrs per day. More than that and you lose concentration even if your body is fit enough. If you learn quickly, you may only need 2 sessions, but most people take 3 or 4. Take your time, and learn safely! You will learn more quickly in the long run.

Price for Full Course: 11,000baht

Semi-private course - 3hrs per day, 3 days normally.
(2 students per instructor - each student has a kite and radio helmet)

Private course - 3hrs per day, 2 days normally.
(1 on 1 private instruction with radio helmet)

Course Contents:

We start by checking you understand wind and water dangers. turbulence3
Then we set up a small trainer kite and fly it on the beach for 30-40mins. studentwithtrainerkite
When you are comfortable flying a trainer kite we show you how to set up a big, inflatable kite for use in the water. We take you through all the safety systems and make sure you know exactly how to connect the lines properly. You'll learn the names of the parts of a kite along the way, but we use the correct terms from the start. settingupkite3
We launch the kite and walk into the water before handing over to you for maximum safety. walkingintowater
Firstly we teach you kite control - how to keep the kite in position safely. Then if you can keep the kite where you want it, we teach you moving the kite with power. This is also known as bodysurfing or bodydragging. It's very important you only do this in the water - these kites generate a huge amount of power and you don't want that power dragging you up the beach! bodydragging
When you can keep the kite in position, and move it with power, then we teach you upwind bodydragging in preparation for the board. The board will come off your feet regularly so how do you get back to it? By bodydragging upwind. This is not as easy as it sounds! But we have steps and techniques to teach you this essential skill quickly.
And then it's time for the board! We go through the stance you'll need and then back onto the water to try it out. The waterstart is the most difficult part of learning to kitesurf so don't worry if you don't get it straight away. You will! It only takes time on the water.
When we are working on board skills, we'll come across all kinds of problems on the way. This is where the experience of your instructor comes in. We have techniques and exercises that will get you up and riding even when you think it will never work!
So what happens if you have a problem out at sea? You can use the kite as a sail to pull you back to the beach – know as the self-rescue. We'll show you exactly how to do this and then you'll get to do it yourself. We all learn by doing! selfrescue1
We finish off the course by analysing your strengths and weaknesses and suggesting things to practice and also suggesting equipment that would be suitable for you. We also go through what not to buy on ebay! The prices are tempting but the kite might not fly!