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Renting Equipment

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iko kitesurfing lessons
iko kitesurfing lessons

When you’ve finished your course, it’s time to practice! Renting is a good way to start. It’s also a good way to try other kites, to see which type you like. Or if you’re travelling around and just fancy a couple of days kiting, it’s much easier to rent than to carry it all round asia!

We have Ocean Rodeo, Blade, North and Cabrinha kites for rental and plenty of different sized boards for you to choose from.

For our students, we know your level so we can recommend the right size kite/board easily.

For new renters, we highly highly recommend you take our ‘assisted rental’ for the first session. If nothing else, to get used to our kit and the spot. After that we know you can kite safely, so you can rent at the discounted rate.

Full Equipment – Kite, Board and Harness: 2hrs – 2500baht, All day – 3500baht
Assisted rental (with an assistant to help you set up and watch over you): 2hrs – 3500baht
Longer term rentals:
2 or more 2hr sessions, price is 2000baht per session
2 or more 2hr assisted rentals, price is 3000baht per session
2 or more full days, price is 3000baht per day
5 full days 10000baht

Care of rental equipment is your responsibility – please treat it like it is your own! If something small breaks we don’t charge you, but major damage we ask for the cost of repair + kite depreciation which is usually between 1000baht and 5000baht