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Sailing Lessons

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What do most Kitesurfers do when the wind is light? Sit and complain. Not us! We have the perfect alternative – learn to sail on our Dart 18 catamaran.

Our 2 session sailng course will give you the basic techniques, or if you would like to learn more, our 3 session course takes will allow you to take part in our sunday racing. Just for fun, but it’s a lot of fun!

Knowing how to sail will make you a better kitesurfer, knowing how to kitesurf will make you a better sailor. The wind is always lighter here in the afternoons from nov-jan, and mornings from jan-june, so you could use your time here well and learn to do both! We give a generous discount if you take both courses with us.

Price: 4000baht per session, full course 11,000 baht

Lesson length: 3hrs per day, 3 days for full course



Full day sailing trip

There are a couple of beautiful islands just south of here which are lovely to sail round, there’s snorkelling off monkey island, and a cave to visit also. We can have lunch on the beach or stop for afternoon tea on the way back. It’s a beautiful way to travel!

Wind conditions make a big difference on a day trip, so we can only do trips when the weather is good for us.

Price: 5000 baht – 10am – 5pm



Course Contents

Wind awareness and knowledge of spars & rigging, parts of the boat and sails, sail controls and foils.

Sailing Techniques & Manoeuvres
Practical understanding of the basic principles of the following manoeuvres:
Reaching – sailing across the wind
Sailing upwind, sailing downwind
Stopping – lying-to
Controlling speed
Tacking – turning the front of the boat through the wind
Getting out of irons
Gybing – turning the back of the boat through the wind.

Essentials of small boat sailing:
SSS Steering, Sails, Seating(boat balance)

Launching & recovery:
Launching & leaving the shore
Securing a boat on trolley.

Sailing theory & background:
Wind awareness.
How a sail works & efficient sail setting.
Apparent wind.
Aware of other water users.
Basic knowledge of rules of the road – port/starboard, windward boat, overtaking boat, power/sail.

Awareness of onshore & offshore winds. Knows sources of weather information and how to interpret the forecasts.

Coastal Course Planning:
How to use the weather forecast.
Tide tables and flow charts, where to get them and how to use.

Clothing & equipment:
Iimportance of appropriate clothing, footwear and personal buoyancy.
Knowledge of safety and emergency equipment.

Can tie reef knot, figure of eight knot, bowline, round turn & two half hitches and secure a rope to a cleat.

Capsize recovery:
Can right a boat in all conditions.
Theory – knows importance of staying with the boat

Start lines – timing and which end to go.
Basic racing courses.
Mark rounding.
Racing rules and how to use them.