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Sailing Lessons

What do most Kite Schools do when the wind is light. Sit and complain! Not us - we have the perfect alternative. Learn to sail on our Dart 18 catamaran.

Our 2 session sailng course will give you the basic techniques, or if you would like to learn more, our 4 session course takes will allow you to take part in our sunday racing. Just for fun, but it's a lot of fun!

Knowing how to sail will make you a better kitesurfer, knowing how to kite will make you a better sailor. The wind is always lighter here in the afternoons from nov-jan, and mornings from jan-june, so you could use your time here well and learn to do both! We give a generous discount if you take both courses with us.

  • Session 1
    Basic sailing - sail setting, steering, balance

  • Session 2
    More advanced sailing - course planning, laylines, safe beach entry/exit

  • Session 3
    Intro to racing - rigging for speed, mark roundings, start lines

  • Session 4
    Racing - timing the start, tactics, spotting wind, racing rules


Sailing course - 3000baht per session, 11,000baht for 4 sessions.
(price for the boat - max 2 students)


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