New products from Ocean Rodeo – introduced at Surf Expo 2016

Ocean Rodeo News:

Stick Shift Control Bar & 4 other exciting new products at Surf Expo!

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift featuring R3 Designs’ internal trim adjustment.

Fine tune your kite’s trim using one easily reached and adjusted control knob. Small, quarter turn increments add power; bump or nudge to depower. Intuitive and easy to use by any size rider and ensures you have ‘hands on’ control when depowering the kite.

The unique, lightweight U shaped bar design ensures rapid flushing of all sand and debris while offering easy inspection and access to all moving parts for in-the-field repairs.

Our adjustable sliding stopper ball needs no special tools or set screws to hold in place and can be adjusted while on the water or riding. Stick Shift internal trim adjustment means no front line swivels, no rings, no cleats, no flopping trim line that’s forever out of reach. It also means the front lines are clear for a safe and secure front line re-ride every time.


The Duke – Instant legendary status, again.

Now featuring a versatile, quad or thruster fin set-up.


The Jester – The Duke’s courtyard entertainer.

Lighter, smaller and more nimble than the Duke. The Jester is ideal for lighter riders or those looking for a true strapless freestyle board.


6th Gen RAZOR – Naughty or nice, you’re gonna get spanked. 

Mega Loop the new Razor and you’ll feel it in your stomach. Miss the landing and you’ll feel it in your bones.

Built for riders who seek the edge. The result of 15 years of design prowess and fully tweaked to be the most heart stopping, ball breaking, hard riding kite we’ve ever made. Can’t resist the pull? #loopit.


The Roam – Down the line drifter.

Tight 3 strut design with large, lifting wing tips for down the line drift and quick pivoting turns.

Roam, for the dedicated wave rider.

(taken from kite forum – thank you kiteforum and user ‘madworld’)