A lovely bit of wind on it’s way!

Looks like we’ll get a nice push of pressure starting on Thursday or Friday. Perfect for the Bangkok weekenders! Or should that be the Saturday Kitesurfers?
I hope for up to 20kts, though it may top out at 17/18. But the waves shouldn’t build up too much, as the wind will come quickly and leave quickly.

So it’s a good weekend for learning! Or consolidating what you have already learnt.

This may be the last blast before the wind dies and the northerlies come in. Maybe! or maybe we’ll get another blast before the end of the month. I would be happy if the Southerlies started sooner rather than later…

Is it a windy weekend?


And it may also be a rainy weekend. We don’t usually get both, windy and rainy, so I’m not sure which one will prevail. If we are lucky, it doesn’t rain as much as forecast so the wind will come. If we are unlucky, the rain will be stronger than expected and that will probably kill the wind. Windguru shows the amount of wind as *Precip (mm/3h) – i.e. amount of Precipitation(rain falling) in 3hrs. More rain appears darker blue. Around 0.5 is a tiny bit of rain, so if the wind is strong it might blow the rain clouds away. If the box is dark blue and the numbers show 3 or more per 3hrs, it’s likely we’ll have quite a heavy rainfall and that will probably kill the wind.

I would interpret the forecast to say Saturday will be ok, Sunday I’m not sure about. I hope for some light but just ok wind, but it is a hope at the moment.

So is it worth coming to Pranburi this weekend?




25-30 knots in Pranburi this weekend!

It’s not often I say that here in Thailand!

But there’s a storm coming this way from the middle of the gulf of Thailand. It’s forecast to pass South of here, so hopefully we’ll get the wind but not too much rain. We’ll get some rain of course, it’s a storm, but probably on Monday or Tuesday. I’m stocking up on food and water and being prepared for the electricity to cut out. Just in case…

So the forecast wind is amazing, if you’re experienced enough. The waves will be big also, 2-3m. The moon is very full on Friday night, which will make the tide very high and the waves even bigger. It’ll be quite tricky conditions!! I expect a strong undercurrent and huge shore break. But as long as you can get out there, the waves will be manageable.

Unfortunately we’re cancelling lessons, it’s only for the very experienced this weekend. But we’ll be on the water 🙂

Keep it safe if you go on the water!!

May be an ok thermal in Pranburi this weekend

Maybe maybe!

We’ve had a couple of days of light wind recently. Not exactly 20kts, but 10-13 and rideable.

The forecast says there’s a southerly push this weekend, so if we get a bit of thermal excitation also, it might be quite good!

Of course it could also drop rain and be rubbish, but it is off season so we take what we can get!

Rayong looks ok again this weekend 12-13-14 August

It’s not been a good week – no wind and lots of rain the past 2 nights. But it looks like the wind is coming back! Let’s hope so.

I would interpret this forecast as – 60-70% chance of kiteable wind (over 11kts). The direction is good – not coming over the headland – so fairly clean wind. Should be side-on at Laem Son. The tide will be low around midday, and we’re past springs, so it won’t be too low. It comes back in fairly quickly, so the locals would say the better wind and higher water will be later on – 4-5pm onwards. But I don’t mind the shallow – we just walk out further.

So all in all I think it’s worth coming!

Nice forecast for Rayong this long weekend

Not as windy as a couple of weeks ago, but still very nice! It’s a bit stormy at the moment, so when this passes over the wind will come back and hopefully we’ll have no rain and nice sunshine. Perfect!

A short note on how to interpret the forecast. Well the first thing is, don’t believe the numbers! Everyone looks straight at the numbers, but they have a range of 40%. So if it says 12kts, we may get 8kts we may get 16kts. Everyone’s happy with 16, everyone blames the forecast with 8. But it’s only a forecast! A ‘best guess’.

I look at the direction first – for Pranburi we need NNE-NE or SE-SSE, anything else is not rideable. For Rayong, SW or WSW is perfect, anything more W is a bit gusty as the wind comes over the headland. So this forecast looks excellent!

Then check the rain, if there’s a lot of rain it can kill the wind. so Friday might be light, but after that it looks good. And lastly monitor the direction, speed and rain for at least 3 days, ideally 5. Take the average forecast (in your head) and that has a best chance of coming right.

Or be prepared to wait, and take all your kites!


Huge forecast for rayong this weekend!

But do we believe the forecast? No!! It not been very accurate recently. Then again, if we get even half the forecast wind it will be a superb weekend. Worth coming from Pranburi? Maybe not. Worth coming from Bangkok? I think so! If I lived in Bkk I would. The only thing that could kill the wind is rain – and there is a lot of that on the forecast also. It never rains as much at Laem Son as in Rayong town, so hopefully it won’t be too heavy and the wind can come through. Let’s all do the wind dance!


Another lovely day!

We’re getting some beautiful conditions at the moment – sunshine, wind, flat water. Lovely! It’s been good from 12-4, and sometimes not so good after 4, which is unusual, but at least it’s starting early.

It’s the perfect time for lessons! If you’ve ever wanted to try, now is the time!