Rayong looks ok again this weekend 12-13-14 August

It’s not been a good week – no wind and lots of rain the past 2 nights. But it looks like the wind is coming back! Let’s hope so.

I would interpret this forecast as – 60-70% chance of kiteable wind (over 11kts). The direction is good – not coming over the headland – so fairly clean wind. Should be side-on at Laem Son. The tide will be low around midday, and we’re past springs, so it won’t be too low. It comes back in fairly quickly, so the locals would say the better wind and higher water will be later on – 4-5pm onwards. But I don’t mind the shallow – we just walk out further.

So all in all I think it’s worth coming!

Nice forecast for Rayong this long weekend

Not as windy as a couple of weeks ago, but still very nice! It’s a bit stormy at the moment, so when this passes over the wind will come back and hopefully we’ll have no rain and nice sunshine. Perfect!

A short note on how to interpret the forecast. Well the first thing is, don’t believe the numbers! Everyone looks straight at the numbers, but they have a range of 40%. So if it says 12kts, we may get 8kts we may get 16kts. Everyone’s happy with 16, everyone blames the forecast with 8. But it’s only a forecast! A ‘best guess’.

I look at the direction first – for Pranburi we need NNE-NE or SE-SSE, anything else is not rideable. For Rayong, SW or WSW is perfect, anything more W is a bit gusty as the wind comes over the headland. So this forecast looks excellent!

Then check the rain, if there’s a lot of rain it can kill the wind. so Friday might be light, but after that it looks good. And lastly monitor the direction, speed and rain for at least 3 days, ideally 5. Take the average forecast (in your head) and that has a best chance of coming right.

Or be prepared to wait, and take all your kites!


Huge forecast for rayong this weekend!

But do we believe the forecast? No!! It not been very accurate recently. Then again, if we get even half the forecast wind it will be a superb weekend. Worth coming from Pranburi? Maybe not. Worth coming from Bangkok? I think so! If I lived in Bkk I would. The only thing that could kill the wind is rain – and there is a lot of that on the forecast also. It never rains as much at Laem Son as in Rayong town, so hopefully it won’t be too heavy and the wind can come through. Let’s all do the wind dance!


Another lovely day!

We’re getting some beautiful conditions at the moment – sunshine, wind, flat water. Lovely! It’s been good from 12-4, and sometimes not so good after 4, which is unusual, but at least it’s starting early.

It’s the perfect time for lessons! If you’ve ever wanted to try, now is the time!

An important day!

This is it! The best day of the season!

Why? Because there’s no wind!

Huh? What you talkin’ about Col?

Because the Southerlies are starting! And we all love the Southerlies. Steady winds, hot temperatures, big beaches. The best time of year to learn!
Since I have been here, overย 8 years now, we have had one year when the wind switched in 2 days, and one year when the wind switched in 3 weeks. The other years were in between, but usually it takes around a week. This year it’s switching today. One day! Awesome! It’s taken it’s time, usually the Southerlies are well in by mid February, and this year we still had Northerlies last week. So that’s a bit strange, but not to worry, the Southerlies are here! Shall I say it again? The Southerlies are here! We’re all very excited about this ๐Ÿ™‚


wind for the weekend!

looks like a nice bit of wind coming this weekend – 12-16kts from the north east. we should get 5 days of wind, although the 1st and 5th will be weak. but no complaints! the thermals haven’t started yet so any wind we get is good wind!

A nice week of wind coming up

Looks like the north wind is coming back nicely! After a brief period of uncertainty due to the storm that’s just passed over, it’s back to normal! Well as normal as normal ever is.

I’m expecting 12-20kts for the next week or maybe more. Should take us to the end of Jan, then it will all stop and hopefully the Southerlies will come in February!

merry christmas!!

well christmas is coming! but the wind…. hmmm maybe…. maybe not.

the forecast is very unreliable when there’s not much windspeed, so hopefully it’s wrong. i’m sure it will be light over the christmas weekend, but hopefully 8-12kts? 8kts is not so good, but 12 is fine. and there will be no waves! great conditions for learning, as long as there is enough wind.

and then a bit of a blow coming in from wednesday – new year should be typically windy and sunny. nice!!!

Lovely wind this week!

For december 14-20, and probably more after that.

lovely looking forecast!!! nice wind for the weekend 17/18th also – could be a good time to learn!

will it be windy at christmas? i think so! come on santa, i’ve been so good this year!! (maybe…)

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