Nice forecast for Rayong this long weekend

Not as windy as a couple of weeks ago, but still very nice! It’s a bit stormy at the moment, so when this passes over the wind will come back and hopefully we’ll have no rain and nice sunshine. Perfect!

A short note on how to interpret the forecast. Well the first thing is, don’t believe the numbers! Everyone looks straight at the numbers, but they have a range of 40%. So if it says 12kts, we may get 8kts we may get 16kts. Everyone’s happy with 16, everyone blames the forecast with 8. But it’s only a forecast! A ‘best guess’.

I look at the direction first – for Pranburi we need NNE-NE or SE-SSE, anything else is not rideable. For Rayong, SW or WSW is perfect, anything more W is a bit gusty as the wind comes over the headland. So this forecast looks excellent!

Then check the rain, if there’s a lot of rain it can kill the wind. so Friday might be light, but after that it looks good. And lastly monitor the direction, speed and rain for at least 3 days, ideally 5. Take the average forecast (in your head) and that has a best chance of coming right.

Or be prepared to wait, and take all your kites!