A trip to see Craig and Amara at Pattaya Watersports

So we packed the kombi with Aunts – 9 of us in the end – and headed off to Pattaya. Of course the wind was light, it always is in pattaya, barely 5kts, so we had to find something else to do. There were plenty of people windsurfing and supping, but ‘the thing’ caught my eye. What’s that craig? I said… It’s a one-off, only 1 in the world, development test windsurfing catamaran. What!!??? Can I try it???? Please!!!!! ‘of course!’ he said… and there i was on the thing. 9m rig, sub 5kts, and i’m blasting around twice the speed of anyone else. Until i had to turn – that ‘thing’ ain’t made for turning…

Thanks Craig and Amara!
if you want to try watersports in Pattaya – go see Craig!

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