The Kite Spot

The beach at Pranburi is 10km long. There are 2 other spots close by, so we can choose the best place to kite depending on the wind. In the winter Northerlies (November – mid January) the wind starts in the morning but calms down after 2 or 3pm. In the summer Southerlies (Feb-May) it is a thermal wind, so it gets best after 1pm.

November – January
In the Northerlies, the wind can be very strong. When it is strong, the waves are big. For learning we choose the easiest conditions, so plan a couple of extra days here in case the waves are up. For more experienced riders, this is the strongest wind of the season!

February – June
In the Southerlies
, we have an excellent teaching spot, the best in Asia for learning! Our teaching area is waist deep for about 400m out and never gets crowded, so it makes it much easier to learn.


 There are 3 seasons for wind in Pranburi:

1 » November to mid January we get the North-Easterly Monsoon winds, cold powerful winds that start early. Great for wave riding, good for learning kitesurfing too. The water gets a bit cold – sometimes below 25 degrees but still sunny!

2 » Then February to June we get thermal winds building up as the land gets hotter. Like any true sea breeze, it comes in around lunchtime and finishes after dusk. Beautiful kitesurfing winds! Great for riding or for learning kitesurfing. It is the picture-perfect time of year.

3 » And in July to September we move over to the other side of the gulf – Rayong. The wind is good and there is a lovely shallow teaching spot.

How to get here

Easy options:

Taxi – 1 to 3 passengers
Direct from Bangkok or the airport straight to your hotel. (easiest/quickest option)
2500 baht – 2.5 hrs.

Airport bus:
From the Airport to Hua Hin
Busses leave every 2hrs from 7:30am to 7:30pm – around 300baht per person. The busses are comfortable. You can book the bus online at: or at the airport.
From Hua Hin you can take a tuk tuk taxi to Pak Nam Pran. The tuk tuk transfer costs approximately 500baht.
Around 800 baht – 5 hrs.

Slower options:

Busses leave from the Southern bus station (Satani rot bus Sai Tai) to Hua Hin or Pranburi. The buses are more frequent to Hua Hin but the Pranburi bus gets you closer to here. Costs about 200baht per person.
From Hua Hin take a tuk tuk taxi to Pak Nam Pran. The tuk tuk transfer costs approximately 500baht. From Pranburi you have to get a private taxi for about 300baht but there are very few.
Around 600 baht – 6hrs

The train to Hua Hin takes a long time although the scenery is lovely. The 08:05 from Bangkok is faster and has air-conditioning (3 -4 hrs.). The 09:20 only has fans and takes longer(4 – 5 hrs.). Get to the train station well in advance as seats are limited.
From Hua Hin take a Tuk Tuk taxi to Pak Nam Pran. The tuk tuk transfer costs approximately 500baht.
Dont bother trying to get a train direct to Pranburi – better to get to Hua Hin and taxi down from there.
Around 600 baht – 8hrs+

How to get around

The best option – hire a saleng! It’s 400baht per day and can fit 4 people or 2 people + kite gear. And they are very safe! You cannot go too fast, and you cannot fall over.

Another option would be to hire a scooter – daily rent: 250baht. But be very careful! Drive very slowly, the roads in Thailand are dangerous.

Thailand Tips

Visa rules:

Staying less than 30days?
The ‘Visa on arrival’ is free for most nationalities, very easy to get but make sure you have a return flight.

Staying more than 30 days?
Get a ‘Tourist visa’ in advance from your local embassy. This gives you 60 days and you can extend for another 30 days while in Thailand.

Travel insurance:
Thailand is safe, but it pays to be careful. Do not leave your phone on the beach, carry a photocopy of your passport not the original, and do not carry too much cash. Make sure you have adequate medical insurance, the private hospitals are expensive. For small problems it may be better to go to a local hospital – you will rarely spend more than 500baht. Most pharmacists speak good English and can advise you on small matters.

Travelling around Thailand:
Thailand may be the easiest country in the world to travel around – there are busses/trains/motorbikes to take you anywhere! Try to start as early as you can though – it it better not to arrive somewhere at night. The military are nominally in command at the moment, so the country is even safer than normal!