Rainy season slim chance wind update

aka: lessons in thermals….
Looks like we may have kitesurfing wind for a little longer. it’s a pure thermal, so it doesn’t show up on the forecast at all. well it shows up in the direction, but not the windspeed numbers. i look at the direction arrows more than the numbers. actually a little bit of offshore wind high up (1km or so) will assist the thermal in forming, as it helps the return of hot air offshore so it can sink and come back inshore. too much gradient wind doesn’t help, it just all comes down to earth and we get offshore or no wind here. it’s a delicate balance so it’s very very difficult to predict. but the last few days we’ve had 10-14kts for a couple of hours, and no rain, so hopefully we’ll get a few more days of it.
fri/sat looks ok, sunday maybe, we’ll have to see. a lot can change in a couple of days…