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2012 Blade Fat Lady




Enter the Fat Lady!
Like all other Blade kites, the Fat Lady is designed to be fast.
The design is unique as it maximizes the power to weight ratio by pushing the aspects of the geometry and construction to the technical limit of integration. After almost 2 years in prototyping, her innovative design is hands down the most dynamic light wind 17m on the market.
The Fat Lady is a whole lot of fun!

Fat Lady comes in one size: 17m

blade fat lady 2012

Size: 17m   

Skilled riders will get her on the water at around 8 knots, and even beginners can park her at 10 knots and go. Getting her up off the water you’d swear she was half her size. The Fat Lady is all about having a good time. Take her for a spin, she’s a whole lotta kite!
She’s got plenty of power which is delivered with handling that is as crisp and direct as you would expect from a good 12m. And because she flies and turns fast, the Fat Lady pops even with her considerable size. Combine that with the hangtime of a big kite and you can throw everything from immense old school to low, technical freestyle in the type of wind that you would normally have trouble just staying upwind.

17m (kite only) – 39000baht
Bar – 125000baht