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2012 Blade Prime



If you are checking out a “Freestyle” kite, you’re probably an advanced rider who is very focused on taking your riding to the next level.
But just as not every advanced rider has the same riding style, not all advanced kites are created equal.
We designed the Prime to specifically initiate progression and push the mental and physical ability of advanced riders who are aggressive, precise, and technical. The Prime is an uncompromising high performance design – definitely not suitable for everyone. If your goal is to raise the bar with every session, and your presence on the water can be defined as harder, better, faster, stronger, then the Prime is your ideal platform for exponential progression.

blade prime 2012

Sizes: 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m   

The 4th Generation Prime builds on its predecessors no-compromise legacy and continues to deliver tight, technical all-out performance. Five segmented struts keep the high AR geometry rigid, ensuring clean and crisp fast turns.
The wing tip construction was refined to further ensure power delivery is absolutely stable and consistent throughout every part of the wingtip-axis turns, hooked and unhooked.

7m (kite only) – 29000baht
9m (kite only) – 32000baht
11m (kite only) – 35000baht
13m (kite only) – 38000baht
Bar – 12500baht


2011 Blade Prime

blade prime info

7m (kite only) – 29000baht (sorry – sold out)
9m (kite only) – 32000baht (sorry – sold out)
11m (kite only) – was 35000baht now 24000baht
13m (kite only) – 38000baht (sorry – sold out)
Bar 45cm – was 12500baht now 9000baht

PRIME type 152

C-hybrid kite

overview : aggressive. precise. technical.

Advanced riders pushing their physical and mental ability, laying down movement with pristine technical precision – the Prime Type 152 is designed for you. If you aim for your personal best every time the wind blows and define your presence on the water as harder, better, faster, stronger, the Prime is your ideal platform for exponential progression.

No compromises, the Prime is about delivering a high-end technical performance. Fast through the window and very direct, you can put the Prime exactly where you want it when you want it. The wingtip-axis turns are very quick and generate steady power, the newly developed tip shape contributing to the Prime’s smooth power delivery both hooked and unhooked. Up in the air it’s a wide open playground with huge pop and scalable hangtime at your command.

The Prime’s high-end performance is characteristically hardcore Freestyle/New School, but if you are of intermediate to advanced skill and are aggressive, precise, and technical in nature, the Prime will put progression in your every move, every session, any style.

  • progressive C-kite Geometry
  • fast direct handling
  • quick powerful turns
  • smooth power delivery hooked and unhooked
  • huge pop and controllable hangtime
  • precise control
  • optimal bar pressure for power moves



  • blade prime
  • blade prime
  • blade prime

blade prime info


2010 Blade Prime

2010 Blade Prime Rider Reviews

Fast and light, the prime is designed for tricks. Shaped more like a C kite, the high aspect canopy with 5 struts turns on the outside edge for power through the turns. The bridle means it works on 4 lines but launches as easily as if it had a 5th line.

Col – As soon as you launch you feel the power – and that becomes addictive! You get smooth pull in a straight line and through the turns also. Unhooked it’s beautifully balanced and easy to steer while in the air – it gave me the best unhooked raleys i’ve ever done. It’s fun to go in a straight line but it’s a lot more fun in tricks!

Manu – It’s smooth! And powerful – it can hold my 80kg fully powered in 15kts. It flys very fast and i love just blasting along.

Gum – It flys very fast and turns very quick – i like to move it a lot. When jumping it just waits at 12 o’clock and when i want to come down i turn it – i like that also! I think this kite will improve my kitesurfing a lot.

Not for the faint hearted! It’s a full on tricks machine that will fly as hard as you fly. If you’re bored with cruising along – this could be the kite for you. It’ll put some heart back into your kiting!

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