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2012 Blade Trigger



“All-around” is too many times mistaken for “good for everyone”. If you are looking for an all-around kite, you likely want to do a little bit of everything and need a kite with well-balanced characteristics. But riders have different personalities, different mindsets out on the water, and that means a different definition of their ideal all-around kite.
We designed the Trigger to promote progression especially for riders who are powerful, playful, and dynamic.
If you like to do a little of everything on the water, and like to be actively in control of responsive high-energy fun, the Trigger was designed to be your ideal kite.

blade trigger 2012

Sizes: 5m, 7m, 9m, 10m, 12m, 14m   

The 4th Generation Trigger continues to excel as a fast, nimble, and powerful all-around performance kite.
The powered profiles and refined overall kite geometry lend to the Trigger’s dominant feel and provide the big low-end fun. The perfectly engineered bridles are a key factor in the kite’s excellent stability and depower, balancing the Trigger’s dynamic handling with predictability and safety. This refined engineering is also responsible for a very direct bar feel that is rarely felt in a bridled kite. The swept back LE contributes to the Trigger’s effortless Reflex Relaunch, so you can push yourself past the limit and get up and riding again in seconds.
The 4th generation is based on its successful predecessor, and like the Triggers before it, each size boasts individually designed geometry.
Many small refinements are made individually to each size so that it performs ideally in the conditions it is meant to be flown, here are some of them: The Trigger 12m and 14m received beefed up power profiles and the 14m also features narrower struts to deliver the same low end grunt and turning speed as their smaller siblings. The Trigger 9m and 10m received a special bridle geometry to seat them slightly further forward in the window, giving them the right balance of power and stability for their wind range. The Trigger 7m has been modified for excellent depower performance and rigidity in strong wind. The Trigger 5m hasn’t been touched, we’re proud to say it is one of the best kites on the market.
Finally, we have added an Advanced Wave setting to the bridle of the new Trigger.
Setting the bridle in this position adds depower and seats the kite even more forward in the window. The more tolerant ride is perfect for carving waves, trading up only a little of the power and rock solid stability in the Trigger’s standard mode.

7m (kite only) – 25000baht
9m (kite only) – 27500baht
10m (kite only) – 30000baht
12m (kite only) – 32500baht
14m (kite only) – 35000baht
Bar – 12500baht


2011 Blade Trigger

blade prime info

7m (kite only) – 25000baht (sorry – sold out)
9m (kite only) – 27500baht (sorry – sold out)
10m (kite only) – 30000baht (sorry – sold out)
12m (kite only) – was 32500baht now 22500 (only 1 left)
14m (kite only) – was 35000baht now 24300 (only 1 left) (sorry – sold out)
Bar – 9000baht

TRIGGER type 107

SLE-hybrid kite

overview : powerful. playful. dynamic.

Riders that strap into the the pilots seat, ripping through active, dynamic sessions with a powerful style – the Trigger Type 107 is designed for you. If you come to the beach to play hard in all conditions, and be in control of the action, the Trigger is geared specifically for your needs with lively performance characteristics that harness your energy.

The Trigger’s experience is about active control and usable power. Handling is very dynamic, yet it provides exceptional stability as the result of sharp refinement to the highly efficient LE shape and bridle.

Steering is noticeably crisp and direct, and like all Blade kites, it’s designed to fly fast through the window. Present bar feel connects you to the Trigger at all times and depower is direct, providing access to a solid top-end that is extended this year by 3-4 knots. The low end continues to be excellent, performing strong when most kites are laying out on the beach. Further development in the wingtip shape delivers predictable turns with impressive speed, generating smooth power through the low-powered center-axis pivot turns. The Trigger’s solid pop will get you up in the air with a clear sense of purpose.

In the air or in the waves, the Trigger delivers active all-around abilities to the hands of riders at all skill levels who are powerful, playful, and dynamic in nature. Those riders that select the Trigger will find their perfect match for the ultimate ride in every session, any style.

  • active dynamic handling
  • incredibly stable
  • fast through the window
  • quick and direct pivot turns
  • great wind range


  • blade prime
  • blade prime
  • blade prime
  • blade prime

blade prime info


2010 Blade Trigger

2010 Blade Trigger Rider Reviews

A deeper profile and medium low aspect ratio gives this kite lots of power on tap. It still turns smoothly and easily but when you pull the bar in it pulls hard!! 3 well placed struts and one pump make it easy to get set up and out. It turns not at the edge, nor the center, but somewhere in between, making it a really easy park and go type kite.

Charles – Seems a very powerful kite for a 10m! I prefer it to the 10m Vertigo – both are very smooth but personally I like the extra power. Riding a surfboard on waves I expect to have to work the kite a little up and down but it just didn’t move! A very very easy kite to use.

Andrew – Lot more power than my vegas, quick turning, very smooth. Less of a bull than the cabrinha, but quicker so you can get the same power.

Rob – Being nearly 100kg I need a kite with power, so I took the 14m and was pleasantly surprised! It’s very smooth and easy to ride, pulls well through the turns and very quick in the jumps. That caught me out a few times as I’m more used to the slower Cabrinhas. Ouch!!

Col – What an easy kite to fly! Dive it, park it, and go fast! Personally I like a lighter kite that I can work up and down but I reckon the bigger guys will appreciate the easy power on tap. For me I can’t use bigger than 10m, but hey there’s nothing wrong with having my biggest kite a 10m!

Marith – Turns well but not quite as quick as the vegas, nice and powerful, but i prefer the Vertigo – it just seems smoother for me.

Gum – Very powerful!! I like to go upwind very far – it’s very easy. I didn’t try jumping yet. Colin says it’s very good – good!!!

Ruth – I loved it from the start!! I was having so much fun! And then i got tired so i had to come in. It pulls you hard, so you have to be in control. For an easier ride I’ll go with the Vertigo I think.

If you like full on power, or you are taller or heavier than average, you’ll like the Trigger. And if jumping is your thing – this is the easiest kite in the range to jump high. Massive hangtime, massive float, but if you need to turn quick to get control it, it’s there. Nice!!

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