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It’s all about the flex with a wood-core board. Get it wrong and you ride a dud, get it right and you pop as high as you want. These boards get it right! Come and try them…

Sizes 128,132,135,138,148

Price: 15000baht

Airstylers pro kiteboard

Custom Boards

New! Custom designs for our Airstylers Pro boards. Show your design skills, or just give us a rough idea of what you’d like and we can put the rest together.

Sizes 128-148

Price: 17500baht

custom kiteboard

Technical Jargon: Effects:
  • Progressive outline
Optimised for all round riding
  • Stepped-down tips
Better jump absorbtion and better upwind performance
  • Medium-sharp ABS rails
Good upwind performance but still able to play the waves
  • Paulownia wood core
Best flex/weight ratio of any material and almost unbreakable
  • Rubberised footpads
The most shork absorbant pads you can get – no more sore ankles
  • G10 Epoxy fins
Seriously strong material, and superfast profile. Adds 15% boardspeed


Stock Designs

kiteboard maad kiteboard devils soul
Product: Kiteboard Maad Design
Price(THB): 15000.00
Size :
Product: Kiteboard Devils Soul Design
Price(THB): 15000.00
Size :
kiteboard urban kiteboard love kills
Product: Kiteboard Urban Design
Price(THB): 15000.00
Size :
Product: Kiteboard Love Kills Design
Price(THB): 15000.00
Size :