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Second Hand Equipment:

When your learning your first steps you don’t want to break a new kite, right?

Maybe not! You’ll crash that kite a lot – new kites don’t break old kites do – you might end up spending a lot in repair bills! So when you’re buying second hand, it’s the time left in the cloth that’s the most important thing. We price our kites according to that – so a long life left is more expensive, not so much time left is cheaper.

Cheap is not always good in this situation! But everything we sell second hand is of good quality – we guarantee it.


Blade Kites

blade prime 2010 7m Prime – red. 6 months use, as-new condition (not much wind for a 7m in Thailand!). With bar and bag now 18,000baht

Cabrinha Kites

cabrinha switchblade 2009 12m Switchblade – orange/grey. With bar and bag. Well used! But still just ok 12,000baht
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more in the shop
more in the shop